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It's Playtime!

Love a Duck wipe-clean coated cotton rugs bring grace and ease to any family home. They are also hypoallergenic. And they are great fun. Simply enjoy the moment. The rugs take care of the rest.

Who's Coming To Dinner?

An easygoing, elegant, wipe-clean Love a Duck rug made of coated-cotton and wool-blended felt. It doesn't loose its polish, whether you gather family and friends or go about your daily home office and parenting duties.

For Pets And Their People

A Love-a-Duck rug offers the ideal combination of looks and practicality in those well-treaded places you share with your pet. It captures your personal style and wipes clean in a flash.

From The Kitchen Floor

Would you like to have a rug that simply lets you move on in comfort, ease and grace? A rug that is as much of a mess catcher as it is an eye catcher? That is not made of PVC or vinyl? Then a Love a Duck coated-cotton rug is for you!


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