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Yes, you can. The Ducks are made specifically to lie underneath dining tables so that they can catch spills and other typical accidents that regularly occur. Please just note that the weight of furniture will cause feet to leave marks on the Ducks. Marks ususally disappear in about 24 hours. However, if heavy furniture stands in the same spot for a long period of time, the impression might continue to be visible at least for some time. Due to the material construction, permanent marks are considered normal and cannot be claimed as a defect.

In order to maintain the overall look of our product we have chosen a surface finish suitable for domestic application and advise against the use of chairs on casters at this time as we cannot guarantee longterm heavy-use (including home office) abrasion resistance.

Yes. Fluff balls won’t get trapped and small accidents can be removed through routine cleaning. Experience shows that dogs rather like to lie on the Ducks because they add a little softness while not overheating them. Cats find they are useless as scratch toys. Only the binding has been of initial interest to cats in one or two trial cases and we recommend to watch out for that and offer the cats an alternative toy in this case.

Yes, the Ducks are ideal play surfaces. The felt backing adds a bit of softness but also enough resistance for babies and toddlers to practice muscle strength. The flat-weave surface is great to play on. Wooden building-block-towers, Lego forts and marble runs all stand up straight and safe on Duck surfaces. Art projects get ideal support. Just make sure you provide proper protection if you work with sharp utensils, glue, and non-water-soluble paints and colors (such as permanent markers or standard water colors with permanently staining pigments). These can damage or permanently stain the Duck.

We have yet to officially test the Ducks’ anti-allergic properties. However, several Ducks have lived in the founders’ household over the last couple of years of prototype testing. Two household members have been medically diagnosed with dust-mite allergies – and they love the Ducks because they can finally have gorgeous and comfortable area flooring that is super easy to clean and that does not make them sneeze.

Yes, underfloor heating is absolutely fine. The Ducks will transmit the warmth to your feet.

The Ducks are intended for indoor use only.

Our Ducks have a felt back and therefore should not be used in wet environments.

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Please contact us if you require a custom color range, format or size. We are happy to accommodate your whenever possible. Please note that a design fee may apply depending on the scale of alterations required. We will of course inform you about this in advance.

Please review our General Terms and Conditions. We do not accept returns for custom merchandise, except for manufacturing defects. All sales are final.

There is a 24-month limited warranty for defects, when reasonable caution has been exercised and our handling and care guidelines have been followed.

The top layer of our Ducks is made of our titular cotton duck, a heavy and sturdy 100 % cotton canvas with a double fill weave structure (warp and weft consist of plied yarns for extra strength) that is primed for print processing. The backing consists of a premium wool-polyester needlefelt blend. Each Duck is finished with classic rug binding using polyamide yarns in matching colors. We produce on demand using eco-friendly premium inks. For wipeability as well as water and abrasion resistance, the prints are sealed with a premium PU varnish. Our product is free of PVC, phtalates, formaldehyde, fluorine and lead.

About 3 to 3.5 millimeters including the bound edging. We keep them flat to fit them underneath doors and minimize the danger of tripping.

We would describe the surface as a mix of the slightly rough texture typical of classic baby swaddling blankets (made of cotton muslin weave structure), and grained or embossed leather surfaces with an added degree of strength found in varnished parquet flooring. Using Ducks barefoot, early users have described the textured surface as invigorating to the soles and the varnish as silky to the touch.

Your Love A Duck arrives rolled onto a three-inch tube (inner diameter = 3″) with the printed design side facing you. It is wrapped in protective foil, bubble wrap and additionally protected by a cardboard box. Prior to removing your new rug from its packaging make sure it has time to adjust to room temperature. Prepare the floor by clearing it of any dust or protruding elements to which the felt might cling (such as nails in floor boards), vacuum and, if required, mop the surface and let it dry thoroughly. Then unpack the Duck carefully and position the rolled rug for installation. It is easiest to place the roll lengthwise along the width of where the rug is supposed to go. Depending on the size, you might want to get help to unroll it slowly and evenly until it lies flat in its intended location. It should ly flat right away. If corners stand up slightly you can carefully roll them under just a bit. Don’t bend or fold the edges or any other area of the rug. Let it adjust slowly.

– Vacuum regularly. If necessary, wipe surface with a slightly damp cloth or floor wiper. If heavily soiled, add a splash of mild dish soap or parquet lacquer care product.
– Wipe off liquids, leftover food, acids, oils, etc. immediately with a dry cloth, wipe with a damp cloth if necessary.
– Spot clean edging. Edging and felt back can be dry-cleaned.
– Avoid harsh, abrasive cleaning products. Avoid sharp edges. If glass breaks on a Duck, please soak up liquids first, then pick up glass shards carefully. Don’t scrub glass shards across the rug as they might then damage the integrity of the varnished surface.
– Do not fold or crease.
– Use felt gliders or pads on furniture feet and do not drag furniture across the Duck.
– If the felt back gets wet quickly wipe of excess fluid before it gets absorbed and turn the Duck on its back to let it dry thoroughly. Spot-treat if necessary.
– For indoor use only. Our ducks have a felt backing and should not be used in damp environments.

That’s fine as long as it’s only the Duck and not anyone’s toes or worse! If it is a small cut you can order a repair kit from us to seal the cut and heal your Duck.

Please store your Duck flat or rolled on a tube securing it with kitchen cling foil. You can store it upright on the tube, just make sure the edges are flush and don’t get squished against the floor.

Yes, Love A Ducks have been designed to work with hard flooring. They are ideal for hardwood flooring, tiled floors, concrete, laminate, terrazzo and more.

We do not recommend Love A Ducks for carpeted surfaces. They might be used on a very flat carpet in a low traffic area (where the carpeting might fulfil the role of an anti-slip under-layer) at the buyer’s discretion. However, they are solely made to lay on hard surfaces, such as hardwood flooring, tile or concrete, especially in high-usage areas.

Our standard product does not feature anti-slip backing for several reasons:

1) the anti-slip dots on polyester felt are routinely made of PVC, which we are not using;
2) anti-slip dots might leave marks on flooring;
3) it depends on individual rug use if anti-slip protection is required or desired;
4) a separate anti-slip fleece is more environmentally sound because it can be reused and recycled.

We recommend a thin anti-slip underlayer, preferrably made of polyester fleece, if the floor underneath the Duck is smooth and if the Duck is located in a traffic area and not held in place, for instance, by a piece of furniture (like a dining table). Experience teaches us that an anti-slip fleece can be useful in areas that generally experience a lot of movement, such as the hallway or the kitchen. It is lovely in the kitchen if you are an enthusiastic chef and spend a lot of time standing at the stove! A play area, on the other hand, might benefit from a Duck with a smooth back so it can still be carefully pulled to a different location. This way you can relocate entire Lego cities and other constructions quickly and with little risk of collapse.

We recommend a thin polyester fleece. Don’t use soft foam versions or nets. They tend to be too thick and uneven. You might already have a thin anti-slip fleece left over from a previous rug that can be cut to size and re-used after washing. If you need a new one, we sell an awesome Öko-Tex certified fleece made of 100 % polyester separately that comes cut to size to fit your Duck (we cut it slightly smaller than the rugs’ circumference so that the edging easily covers every bit of the fleece). The fleece is slightly sticky to the touch and can be washed at 30°C (we use the delicate cycle with a little mild detergent). It dries quickly and once completely dry any stickiness lost to dust over time is restored. You best install the fleece prior to the Duck and then unroll the Duck into position on top of it.