German Our Caddo Collection is elegant and playful at heart. The plane geometric shapes laid out on a classic checkerboard pattern were created using pedagogic pioneer Maria Montessori’s twelve constructive triangles. The original, blue triangles can be used on Caddo to play jugsaw puzzle. You can recreate the printed shapes 1:1 and invent entirely new ones. Design: Anna Breitenberger
DE „Triangle, triangle, circle – hop, hop, touch: made it!“‘Follow Me’ is based on the popular hopscotch game, incorporating hand movements. The geometric shapes can be traced and follow along an actual hopscoth sequence. Apart from its use as a playground, the abstract design works really well across all living areas. Its rhythm simply creates a pleasant balance between moments of focus, calm and routine. The idea emerged during research on Sensory Rooms designed for people on the Autism spectrum. Design: Jesse Greulich
DE Lure Allure celebrates the handicraft legacy of great textile traditions and looks beyond the optical limits of weaving and classic screen printing techniques. The result is a complex digitally-generated patterns of multidirectional braiding that repeatedly creates new effects in different color combinations allowing for endless variation. Design: Onno Raadersma
DE Mosaics have been a celebrated favorite in elegant and durable surface decoration for thousands of years. Here is a contemporary format that adds flair to your floor while cushioning your step and catching crumbs and spills. A new best friend who is by your side every step of the way. Design: Caroline et Bettina